Terms and conditions

Inside the rooms and apartments is strictly smoking prohibited.

In the rooms and in the apartment Casa sul Tetto are not accepted animals. Accepted only small pets alone in the Apartment Casa del Buco.

We will not accept bookings from customers who do not report or does not agree the same presence prior to booking and mode of living of their little friends with the staff of the Pecora Nera.

The Pecora Nera rules

Item 1. Availability request and booking
Two ways of booking: sending an e-mail to silutovi@gmail.com or filling the form in the calendars reservation area.
If the period you choose is available, the staff of B&B La Pecora Nera will inform you about terms and condition of partial payment. Your booking can be considered valid only when, after having received your partial payment, it will be send you an e-mail from B&B La Pecora Nera containing the references to your reservation. This e-mail has to be shown the reception of B&B La Pecora Nera at your arrival.

Item 2. Conditions of partial payment and booking
For every reservation you have to pay in advance the 30 % of the total amount to allow.
Once received your booking request, we’ll send you – as soon as possible, within 24 hours at most – an e-mail containing exact directions about time and conditions of partial payment. Therefore you must not send money before receiving the above-mentioned e-mail. Partial payment has to be exclusively effected by bank transfer. The reservation can be considered valid to all intents and purposes as from the day we’ll receive your partial payment. Partial payment deposit is not refundable in any case.

Item 3. False reports
False or partial reports about your personal data, which are absolutely necessary for booking, so as the non-payment of the earnest according to time and conditions expressly specified , will imply the irreversible loss of your obtained priority right. Therefore, if the bank transfer concerning the partial payment is not brought to a successful conclusion, even partially, it will be considered as a non-payment.

Item 4. Balance payment
Balance payment must be effected bank transfer or cash down at your arrival otherwise admission to rooms won’t be allowed.
Balance non-payment will be considered as a writ of prompt execution, so the collection of credit and incidental additional expenses will be started.

Item 5. Cancellation of one’s booking
If guest can’t carry out his own booking he will be requested to inform of it immediately or in the space of the same day. If cancellation is due to our unavailability, we’ll take care to let the guest know as soon as possible and, if possible, we’ll indicate him an alternative accommodation.
We won’t take a responsibility, in any case, if cancellation is due to circumstances beyond one’s control.
CANCELLATION POLICY: for up to 10 days before date of arrival no penalty. After that date, the first night. In case of no-show charge the whole stay.

Item 6. Arrival and departure
Check in time: since 2,30 p.m. up to 8 o’clock p.m.
The day of departure you must leave the rooms within 11 o’clock a.m., cleaning them out from any things you have inside.

Item 7. Cleaning of rooms and care of the construction
During the stay you have to leave your room within 11 o’clock a.m. to permit cleaning. In case of a long stay, cleaning will be done every three days. If you don’t leave your room within 10 o’clock a.m., and/or at your express request, cleaning won’t be done.
The staff of B&B La Pecora Nera has reserved the right to enter the rooms in case of necessary and pressing maintenance.

Item 8. Change of linen
Change of bath linen will be done every three days. In case of a long stay, the change of bed linen will be done weekly.

Item 9. Breakfast
Breakfast will be offered in Osteria Pecora Nera.  Every additional request will be charged to the guest.

Item 10. Guest responsibility
If guest and/or his friends cause damages to the construction, and/or to its furnishings, the responsibility will fall on the guest solely. Money related to costs of repairs will be charged on the guest at the moment of his departure. In no way the guest can put a third party up.

Item 11. Bed&Breakfast responsibility
B&B La Pecora Nera refuses all responsibilities concerning damages caused to the guest by events connected in no way to the use of the flat, included physical and material damages and losses caused by fire, robbery or any other criminal acts.

Item 12. Jurisdiction
In case of controversy about booking and rent, it will be enforced just Italian law competent to Imperia forum. When you subscribe a booking it means that you know all these rules. If some terms of this rule are no more valid or if they have changed or if there is a gap in them, the rest of terms will be always valid and then they won’t be considered invalid in any way.

Art. 13 Domestic pets
The direction La Pecora Nera B&B need to be notify for any pets staying in the B&B . We accept small pets in the following rooms Menta and Stecadò and in the seaside apartment. We don’t accept pets in the apartment Casa sul Tetto.

La Pecora Nera, la Direzione