Le nostre proposte

The Osteria Pecora Nera  offers a range of single dishes linked to tradition and the territory.

A blend of flavors and ancient taste to be found on the table on a beautiful summer evening. For a dinner for two or an evening with friends in the splendid setting of the alleyways and old stone houses of the beautiful medieval village of Rocchetta.

Here is a selection of our proposals.


Tagliere La Mia Liguria – 25€

Homemade pasta, IGP Pigna beans, fresh Trombetta zucchini, knife-cut Taggiasca olive paté, fried panissa, stuffed zucchini flowers, dried tomatoes from the garden, Brandacujun.

The pastas, all homemade, vary from week to week and you can find the daily proposal to combine with the La Mia Liguria chopping board. We prepare for you:

Ravioli alla Rocchettina with Pesigu with meat sauce or butter and thyme, Tagliatelle with Rossese sauce with Pecorino and Pistachio cream, Borage tagliolini with hare ragout, Borage tagliolini with Castelmagno cheese, Trofiette with red pesto, Chicche in Gorgonzola and walnut cream.


Tagliere I Fritti della Nonna – 18€/25€

Panissa, Frisceu of Trombetta Zucchini or Cod, borage in batter, breaded rabbit, fried courgette flowers, breaded aubergines, artichokes in batter.




Taglieri di carne – 25€

Tagliata, hot Tometta with cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, Gorgonzola sauce, sweet and sour red fruit sauce, green sauce.

Lamb ribs, hot Tometta with cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, Gorgonzola sauce, sweet and sour red fruit sauce, green sauce.



Tagliere Pecora Nera – 25€

Meatballs with sauce, fried bread, raw ham, Gorgonzola and pear quiche, wild boar salami, illeted peppers with anchovies, Crostone with caramelized onions, fresh Burrata with homemade Pesto and cherry tomatoes.


Tagliere Salumi e Formaggi –15€/25€

Mix of cold cuts and cheeses from the Osteria

La Mia Liguria Vegetarian cutting board – €25.00

Homemade pasta, PGI Pigna Beans, Trombetta Courgette Frescioi, Knife-cut Taggiasca Olive Paté, Fried Panissa, Stuffed Courgette Flowers, Dried Tomatoes from the garden, Brandacujun.

Gluten Free cutting board – €25.00

PGI Pigna Beans, Knife-cut Taggiasca Olive Paté, Filleted Peppers with Anchovy, Dried Tomatoes from the garden, Brandacujun, choice of fresh Burrata or hot Tometta with cherry tomatoes.

Since we are dealing with fresh and seasonal products, the composition of the platters could undergo changes depending on what the garden offers us. Every day the freshness of our land on your table with the care and passion of the past.


Le nostre Paste:

Ravioli alla Rocchettina con il Pesigu al Ragù o Burro e Timo

Tagliatelle al Rossese con Crema di Pecorino e Pistacchi

Tagliolini di Boragine al Ragù di Lepre

Tagliolini di Boragine al Castelmagno

Trofiette al Pesto rosso

Chicche in Crema di Gorgonzola e Noci