In the fresh and enclosed Piazzetta degli Ulivi, among the green fronds of the aralias and the scent of jasmine and wisteria, here we are at number 18, enthusiastic about putting ourselves at your disposal to make you spend a pleasant and magical evening, cuddled up in front of a glass of good wine, a tasty dish full of small delicacies and a lit candle to make the atmosphere magical… Let yourself be tempted by the simplicity of using your time to taste ancient flavors, perhaps losing yourself in a leisurely chat.

We offer you Traditional Cutting boards, unique dishes with many tastes prepared with the care of the past. A selection of fresh products that may vary depending on the week to be enjoyed in the splendid setting of the caruggi and small streets of Rocchetta.

Every week a new experience of taste and pleasure!

Discover our proposals by peeking into “Our Menu“.