Rio Barbaira pools

What are you waiting for? The lakes of Rocchetta Nervina are a spectacle of nature. The small lakes of Rocchetta are easily reachable on foot from our structure. No need to take the car, but through the characteristic carrugi, in a few minutes you arrive at the first pond.

The water is really cold and transparent, the sunny stones instead are warm and sometimes shaded by dense vegetation. The water is crystal clear to such an extent that you can clearly see the fish swimming between your feet.

Access is from the pedestrian square of the village near the old bridge. A climb next to a pink plastered building will take you in a few seconds to the first beautiful pool, Lago dei 7 Bacì. The road to go up the river to the last lake of the waterfall is a typical Ligurian mule track and takes about 15 minutes in all. It is a steep path along the slopes of the hill, sometimes disjointed, which will take you in some stretches between the typical ‘fasce’ or terracing with the dry stone walls and in others it will climb between the rocks of the Pre-Alps. We therefore recommend comfortable clothing and low-laced shoes.

Lake of the Seven Bacì
The first lake you meet is seen from the old bridge. It is an excellent location for those who want to have a picnic or have children because they are easily accessible.

Lake of the 2 waterfalls
This lake is very characteristic, not very popular, with 2 beautiful “hydro-massage” waterfalls.

Lake of the Waterfall
Beautiful lake set in a small artificial dam from which you can dive. The largest and most impressive, with a small beach upstream over the waterfall.

NOTE: Dogs are not allowed to enter the water. Animals must be kept on a leash.