Apartment Ca’ Tanta Tì

Bright apartment on one level of about 40 square meters consisting of a beautiful and spacious double bedroom, a second …

90,00 EURO


Room Nest on the Wisteria

Like a nest, this room envelops those who reside there to give you the utmost comfort, relaxation and tranquility. Everything …

120,00 EURO


Casa sul Tetto

The Casa sul Tetto is an open space of about 50 square meters. The oval tub in the middle of …

120,00 euro


Menta room

The room is hand painted in delicate mint green hues. The antique wrought iron bed and purple cloths enrich the …

75,00 euro


Stecadò room

The room “Stecadò” is tiny (about 12 square meters) but extremely relaxing. The room is painted in the colors lavender …

65,00 euro