Canyoning or canyoning is a very special sport that combines the techniques of mountaineering with those of speleological descent. Said so it seems a very complicated thing … In fact, to practice it in the stream Barbaira, just have a good water, a few dizziness and a little ‘breath. Our torrent is a site suitable for almost everyone and above all it is spectacular from the point of view of the natural scenery it offers.
The descent lasts about three hours (to get to the starting point it takes about 45 minutes on foot) and offers breathtaking views of the breath: rocky cliffs overlooking the crystalline waters, narrow gorges covered with lush mosses steamed by the water , small mirrors of water so transparent that you can see the bottom a few meters away.

A Rocchetta is MANDATORY: have the equipment to practice the descent of the gorge (mandatory: rope 30 m, 15 m safety rope, helmet, harness approved with descenders and longes, wetsuit, waterproof backpack and first aid material in tin can) or book a descent including carer and equipment (highly recommended for non-experts or beginners!).

Too bad to come to Rocchetta without experiencing this emotion. If you decide for the baptism of fire or feel ready for a new and fabulous experience in contact with the most hidden nature do not hesitate to tell:


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